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  CCP Frequently Asked Questions

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The answers to the following questions are intended to provide assistance to adult day service and/or in-home care providers interested in applying for certification under the Community Care Program (CCP). The Department administers separate schedules to certify and procure providers for case management and emergency home response services under this program. The answers do not constitute binding legal opinions. Additional clarification may be provided in the future regarding specific questions depending upon policy changes.

  • The Community Care Program (CCP)
    • What is CCP? (Answer)
    • What services are offered under CCP? (Answer)
    • How does CCP work? (Answer)
    • What is the role of the Department? (Answer)
    • How does an entity become a CCP provider? (Answer)
    • Are there rules for CCP? (Answer)

  • CCP Services
    • What is Case Management? (Answer)
    • What is In-Home Service? (Answer)
    • What services are included in CCP In-Home Service? (Answer)
    • What is Adult Day Service? (Answer)
    • What services are included in CCP Adult Day Service? (Answer)
    • What are the requirements for an Adult Day Service facility? (Answer)
    • Is there a list of current CCP provider agencies and their respective service areas? (Answer)

  • Providing CCP Services
    • How are CCP clients referred to my agency? (Answer)
    • How many CCP clients can a provider agency expect to serve? (Answer)
    • Is a provider agency allowed to operate from a private residence? (Answer)
    • Is a provider agency allowed to use volunteers? (Answer)
    • What are the insurance requirements for CCP provider agencies? (Answer)
    • If there are any changes in the CCP rules, when must a CCP provider comply with the new requirements? (Answer)
    • What should a provider agency do if it cannot comply with new rules upon notification by the Department? (Answer)
    • Can a current CCP provider unilaterally change the services that it proposed to offer in its Request for Proposal under a prior procurement now that new agreements are being issued by the Department based on different standards under new CCP rules? (Answer)

  • CCP Provider Billing and Reimbursement
    • Are start-up funds available for new provider agencies under CCP? (Answer)
    • How does a provider agency bill the Department for CCP service? (Answer)
    • How is the reimbursement to a CCP provider agency calculated? (Answer)
    • What are the reimbursement rates for providing CCP services? (Answer)
      • In-Home Service Reimbursement
      • Adult Day Service Reimbursement
    • Can a client be billed for the difference if the provider agency normally charges more for a service than the reimbursement rate offered by the Department under CCP? (Answer)

  • Becoming a CCP Service Provider
    • What is the procurement process for CCP? (Answer)
    • How does an entity apply for certification? (Answer)
    • What must be included in the certification packet? (Answer)
    • Is there a difference in the geographic service area for different types of CCP service providers? (Answer)
    • What happens if an incomplete or otherwise inadequate certification packet is submitted? (Answer)
    • What steps are involved in the CCP Service Provider Certification Process? (Answer)
      1. Application
      2. Review
      3. Certification
      4. Management Training
      5. Contracting
      6. Renewal
    • Has a schedule been established for processing certification packets? (Answer)
    • Is there a deadline for current CCP service providers to submit certification packets? (Answer)
    • What happens if a certification packet is submitted before a PSA has been opened? (Answer)
    • What elements does the Department review in determining provider qualifications? (Answer)
      • Administrative Requirements for Certification
      • Supporting Documentation
    • Can additional information be submitted once a certification packet has been submitted to the Department? (Answer)
    • How long does the certification process take? (Answer)
    • Is a certification packet subject to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)? (Answer)
    • What should an entity expect at the pre-certification on-site review? (Answer)
    • Is a pre-certification on-site review necessary if a provider agency has completed a full performance review within 12 months prior to application? (Answer)
    • Where should a completed certification packet be submitted? (Answer)
    • Is there any technical assistance available for ethnic or language minority applicants? (Answer)

  • CCP Management Training
    • What is CCP Management Training? (Answer)
    • Will agencies be allowed to attend Management Training before being certified? (Answer)

  • CCP Service Provider Agreements
    • What is a CCP Service Provider Agreement? (Answer)
    • Is an agency an independent contractor under the CCP Service Provider Agreement? (Answer)
    • Can an agency assign a CCP Service Provider Agreement? (Answer)
    • What is the term of a CCP Service Provider Agreement? (Answer)
    • Does issuance of a Purchase of Service Agreement guarantee that the provider agency will be the only one in a particular geographic service area? (Answer)

  • Recertification
    • Is there a Recertification Process? (Answer)
    • What is the term of a CCP Service Provider Agreement at recertification? (Answer)

  • CCP Provider Qualification Requirements
    • Does the Department want to see a business plan and audited financial report for the entire applicant agency or just service specific information? (Answer)
    • Is any help available with developing a business plan and strategic plan? (Answer)
    • Who should prepare the audited financial report? (Answer)
    • Why does the Department require assets sufficient to cover 90 days of CCP operating expenses? (Answer)
    • How should an applicant agency calculate 90 days of operating expenses? (Answer)
    • Are CCP provider agencies required to be licensed as a home service agency by the Illinois Department of Public Health? (Answer)
    • Are any other factors about general business practices considered by the Department in determining the qualifications of an applicant agency? (Answer)
    • What is a CCP geographic service area? (Answer)
    • What are possible reasons for adjustment of the geographic service area requirement? (Answer)
    • How does Section 240.1505(a)(2) of the CCP rules apply for adjustment of the geographic service area requirement if an applicant agency currently serves areas in several PSAs instead of an entire county, sub-area or township? (Answer)
    • Will a current CCP service provider be allowed to expand into any new geographic service areas if it there is a pending contract action? (Answer)
    • Is a minimum amount of experience required to be a CCP provider? (Answer)
      • For prospective In-Home Service provider agencies
      • For prospective Adult Day Service provider agencies
    • Why is experience necessary? (Answer)
    • Is there any time limit on whether experience is relevant? (Answer)
    • Are there any examples of services that are comparable to CCP services? (Answer)
    • Could the Department provide some examples of when adjustments to the experience requirement, other than for current accreditation, might be allowed by the Department? (Answer)
    • What specific job descriptions should be included in the certification packet? (Answer)

  • Additional Information about CCP Adult Day Service Transportation
    • Can a transportation area be smaller than the contract coverage area? (Answer)
    • Does an adult day service agency have to provide transportation outside of the contract area? (Answer)
    • How does service availability expansion work? (Answer)
    • How are the CCUs notified that an adult day service site can serve their area? (Answer)
    • What is a reasonable amount of time that clients can be on the transport vehicle? (Answer)
    • Does an adult day service agency have to provide its own transportation? (Answer)
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